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Haute Voltage is a free style aerobatics with background music. Not only flight technic but also matching with BGM is a subject to evaluate so this is an artistic sky sports like figure skating.

This 2002 show, 1st of November Friday is a practice or qualify day, 2nd day is a final and the third day is a super-final. 
In the final, only top three pilots has been chosen for the super-final. The practice flight determines the order of flight in the final day.

Each day is divided into two parts, the morning section and the afternoon section. In the morning section, competitive flight was held and in the afternoon exhibition was held followed with lily-horn's sax live performance. The exhibition is called houte-voltage musical and each pilot/plane act as an actor/actress.

Friday: Practice & Qualify

First day was not good weather but the competition was held. The weather was not as bad as I thought, however; I sit far (upper) side of the grandstand to avoid rain.
Thick sweater or jersey is must in this time of the year.

First of all flights, Paraddax from Spain flew as an opening flight. They use motor paraglider.
I may have to use another word other than aerobatics for their flight; this is actually a dance performance in the air. Six motor paragliders are flown over whole stadium of Motegi twin rink circuit. It was very beautiful and creative performance, I felt so.

Next opening flight was Microlight Aero team.
They were like a motor hang glider but they have fixed body and fixed landing gears.
When they approached us, we can see they use control bar like hang glider.

End of the opening flight, Mr. Aoyama from Japan flew his dynamic helicopter performance. He is a leader of Alfa flight helicopter aerobatics team and he won international competition at Austria. His Robinson R22 seems tiny but his flight was very dynamic one. 
He flew as solo in the morning and the same subjects to the Austrian show.

Jurgis flew first. He installed new 400 HP engine into Su31 for the show. However, the clouds were still so low at that moment that he did not make his best.

Besenyei flew next and he made good flight as last year and he passed this day as top score.
Matadors were so called as Shkoi duo in the last show. Rumor said that they changed the name as they thought Matador can beat Bull as they lost the last show... :)

Matadors draw a pretty heart in the air. Bulls has changed their leader as Jili has retired his career in the last show. This time the leader is a woman. Bulls draw a flower blooming toward the sky. However, Matadors won a return match this day (reward its name??).
But the weather was going worse again and Shrodt did not complete his performance. so he abandoned the performance and he switched his flight as fun flight and the audience enjoyed this service.

Followed by Lily horn's fine live show, air musical performance was held.
The composer of the musical is same to the last show however the story is different. I think the story of last year musical was touching story with serious theme in it. This year, the story is more like Disney style fun story, which can be enjoyed by very little children. Recently, family visitors are getting increased on Motegi show so the story would be welcomed. 

Anyway, the first day's exhibition was cancelled by the poor weather in the mid of the show.

I went to the runway (which is converted parking lot) and I had a talk with some pilots and stuffs.
The area was sparse at Friday afternoon but the area was very crowded in following Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday: Final

On the second day morning the sky was cleared up and we were able to see the show under the good condition. Mamistov used many gyro maneuver in this year. Shrodt captain shows us his showmanship again and he drew a heart in the air by himself! in addition to that, the heart is a broken heart! :). Even he made a hide&seek play after the performance.

Drawing heart is a popular act and Matadors also drew heart twice. However, teams have more performance time limit than solo performance so Schrodt's act is really a great gift for the audience.

Jurgis made a sharp flight and started from amazing Kairys wheel as always. 
Tchmal made a good torque roll and Timofeev made something like classic style maneuvers. 

Besenyei started over again twice, this seems the timing was not well matched with music quere. This tells us the matching music is very good point for the houte voltage style aerobatics.

Results of second day final were Jurgis won the top of the day and Schrodt and Besenyei also proceeded to the super final.
In the afternoon cloud cover was formed but the musical is held to the end.
Sunday: Super Final
Sunday morning, we had a good blue sky again for the last day of the show.
In this super-final, the all pilots fly like another day but the only three pilots who has chosen in final was subject to evaluation.

After all, Jurgis won the top prize for 2002 Motegi GP. 
Shrodt next and Besenyei is third.

For team, matadors won a return match of last show and took over the top.
In the afternoon, the sky was good with almost no clouds but it was somewhat windy and Paraddax was not able to fly.

At the last stage of musical, all pilots include solo pilots were forming big formation and its magnificent break tells us the Motegi 2002 was closed. 

Presentation ceremony 
& Closing
In this show, it is obvious that Schrodt join the top group which is formed with Jurgis and Besenyei so far. The three pilots seems very friendly to each other while the presentation ceremony (click on the left small picture).
I think the motor sports of current days are much focused on business than just a sports, but real sports mind still lives in the sky sports, I think. 
All pilots seems enjoying flight itself and also enjoying giving fun on the audience.

This show, I met several FWGPA stuffs and other pilots, members. All of them are very fine people, good guys and ladies.

In closing, I would like to say thank you for all people to support this event. I am looking forward to see them again, under the sky of Motegi,Japan.


Camera: Canon EOS D30 Digital, EF300/2.8L, EF70-200/2.8L IS , 2xII  

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