About my home page

There is the answer to your first question....

My domain name is taken from Cocos Island( nic.cc ). Right now, the domain names are short for the vast needs so someone who wants to find `MYNAME.XX` domain have to seek another location other than InterNIC. FYI, InterNIC will provide new top level domain name this coming fall (.nom, .rec....).
So I choose the domain suffix that easy to remember, it is CC. The cost to maintain my domain is US$$100 for every two year. Somewhat expensive than InterNIC($70 for every two years).

I use Webkeepers at Los Angels to maintain my homepage. They provides international support including my Japanese language.

Cocos Island is located on the middle of Indian ocean, Japan is located on the Pacific ocean, so my homepage is the page that "Sun never sets" like old Great British Empire :-)

Another merit for using Webkeepers as a web hosting service is the home page stats. They create my home page stats every night.
So my home page has no "access counters".

If you have an interest about this, please click here.

All of pictures (other than clip arts) were taken by me, using video cams. Yes, I did not use any still camera to take a picture. I use high compression for JPEGs to reduce the weight(make download time shorter).
All CGs were also created by me.

I am using Victor DV-1 and Canon Optura. The Optura is very useful camera to make a good picture(see Death Valley or Jusha tree pages). Thanks to 12x zoom lens and optical stabilizer, it is also a perfect digital camera. The digital motor drive mode and shutter speed variable mode is very useful to take aircrafts pictures.
And the pictures used be created in Mac and Video spigot capture board. At that moment, the pictures were converted into GIFs to support old brawsers. However, in these days I am using DELL PC and IEEE1394 to capture the picture from the video.

If you find unproper words in the pages, please forgive me as I am not a native English speaker and let me know it.
I tried to use PC expression as possible as I can.

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