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Just after the first solo

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My first solo flight path

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The flight path is overlayed by Street Atlas map around TOA


My first solo flight story

I made it! My first SOLO!

It was may 18th , 10:45.
On the morning, I took ATIS while waiting for the flight, The wind is calm, the visibility is 10 mile and just a few clouds over there.It was a perfect condition to the solo flight.

I took my instructor up and I made two normal landings, one short aproach and one no flap landing. All landings were good. After the no flap landing, the time has come.
My instructor got off from the right seat,then my heart beat increased.

When I was taxing the runway, I was getting calm down and I make my mind up.
I call TOA tower, "TOA tower,Cessna 49109,Holding short of runway 29R, request right closed traffic, THIS IS MY FIRST SOLO!". They called me back, "109, FIRST SOLO aproved....".

I brought my 152 up to the sky. Everything was so perfect, works like a text book.
I made three T&G and one full stop landing, all landings were good , center on the runway and no bouncing. It is a great first solo! I cryed the "BANZAI(Japanese cheers)" after the last full stop.

Insted of cuting my shirts, my instructor took a photo and she gave me a new nickname; "Mr. Partial Panel" because she always told me that I took too much time looking at the instruments so she gave me a lots of partial panel trannings.

Anyway, I am so happy with this first solo. Now, I become a pilot! (but still a student..)

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